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Spell Candles


From the time we blow out our first birthday candle, magic is a part of us.  As we blow out the candle we are manifesting and asking that our wishes be granted.  The spell candles listed below are no different.  What I do is take the candle of your choice and anoint it with oils and herbs that are pleasing to our Guardians and Guides to help assist us in gaining our wish!  There are so many ways to burn the candles.  Here are some examples but we are not limited to these areas.  When asking true love come to you, bring a lover back to you, to bring peace or help in a difficult situation, good health, good luck, BIG fortune, banishing negativity, to create a barrier of protection around you and so much more.  Through these VERY POWERFUL candles, the powers that BE lend their energy to you to achieve the results you desire.  These candles are specifically dressed to suit YOUR desire.  You tell me what you are looking to attain and I do the rest!

Check out this video to see a brief example of how a spell candle is anointed:

We make it easy with two ways to order!

Option #1) Your candle will be shipped directly to you and you can light your specially dressed candle!  $12 per candle.  Shipping for 1-3 candles is $12.50 ((I can fit 3 candles in one box)).


Option #2)  We will dress and light your candle for you.  You will be emailed a photo of your candle work at initial lighting and at the end.   $25 per candle.


Honey Jar Love Spell

The honey far is one of the oldest jar spells in the World!  Its sweetness mixed with the right herbs can draw even the most difficult love to YOU!     $25 + $10 shipping

Black candle – Weight loss! Quit smoking!  banish negativity, or bring an end to destructive habits.  
Block Breaker - Feel blocked? This block buster will break any and all blockages! Your own personal beliefs/blockages or that of which is sent to you by another! 
Peace - Promotes spiritual, internal and external Peace. Promotes healthy balance within and vanquish negativity
Garlic Candle - Protection from Demons, Negative Energy or those who intend harm on you! This candle works excellent on breaking spells against you
Miracle Healing Power – WEIGHT LOSS! Helps aid with Headaches, Bad Back, Drugs, Arthritis, Aids, Depression, Alcohol and Cancer! This miracle candle aids in all aspects of illness! Feel its’ healing power!
Miraculous Retirement Candle - To rid of bad neighbors or rid oneself of envy. Too many times we have people who interfere or cause chaos for those we love. This candle will create opportunities for them to move forward, away or to become someone else’s problem.
Guardian Angel Candle - Asks the Guardian Angel to walk with you, guide you and protect you
Cinnamon Candle - Aids in better communications, draws good thing things to you! This candle smells amazing and does A LOT!
Lovers Amantes/Adam & Eve Candle - Draw your lover closer to you,  increase sexual passion, keep a couple close



Secret Desires of Your Heart Candle - This candle covers ALL the desires in your heart!  Three separate places to write the secret desires of your heart, mind, and body on this candle!


Bring Customers Candle - Does exactly what it says!  Brings BUSINESS!

Road Opener Candle - Clears your path to aid in YOUR SUCCESS!


Trabajo – Job CandleOpen up Job Opportunities to you.  Promotion or New Positions.  
Lucky/Success/Money Candle - Draws Luck in Your Favor!Luck in love, money, success! Brings Prosperity!  
Chuparrosa – Follow Me Candle - Attract Love, Follow Me, Bring Lover back to Me!  
Ven A Mi – Come to ME Candle - Bring your lover BACK!  Be irresistible to the one you desire!  
Sacred Heart of Mary Candle - Need help getting pregnant?  This is the perfect candle for YOU!  Assists in pregnancy/fertility  
Just Judge – Court Case Candle - Court cases and contracts weigh in YOUR favor with this candle!  
Uncrossing and Protection Candle - This candle will uncross any negativity around you and protect you in your journey to move FORWARD!  
Saint Martha – Controlling Candle - Is someone giving you a hard time?  Do you want to stop them?Dominate and control someone with the aid of Saint Martha.  
Double Action Reversible Candle - Remove, release and return any negative energy, blocks even spell work that is keeping you from attaining your goal, intentions or desire.   
San Simon Candle – Something Lost is FOUND - Assists in bringing something lost back.  A love, money or an item.  He works hard to bring it to you!  
Yellow Candle - Communication; Intellect; confidence; divination; communication; eloquence; travel; movement.  
Chakra Cleansing Candle - Clear and cleanse your Chakra with this amazingly powerful candle!   
All Powerful Hand Candle - The All Powerful Hand can help you in ALL matters of your life.  One way to dress this candle can also sweeten the way your love feels for you!  
Bless this Home Candle - Bless and Protect your home and all who reside within!   
Purple Candle - Power; healing severe diseases; spirituality; meditation; religion. Purple candles can be burned to enhance all spiritual activities, to increase your magical power.   
Blue Candle - Aids in health and anxiety, patience and helps with depression   
White Candle - Peace, protection, truths, knowledge, power candle     

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